Truth Hardware combines exceptional products with exceptional service

Truth Hardware has long been recognized for our vast array of quality finishes for window and door hardware. From our traditional finishes to the new designer line of decorative finishes, you are sure to find the perfect choice to complement your window and door product offerings. Consistent, high-quality finishing provides:

All of which serve to generate customer satisfaction and increased sales at the consumer level. With the emphasis on high quality products and service, and quick turnaround of medium to high-volume orders, Truth Hardware's state-of-the-art paint facilities ensure the needs of our customers are constantly met.

Contact Truth Hardware for information relating to the availability of these finishes on various product lines.

For finish options specific to Truth's Sentry Door Hardware packages, please click here.

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Painted Finishes:

Decorative Finishes:

Finishes shown are representative of Truth Hardware's finishes, not actual samples. Operator hardware is displayed to show color variance with lighting and contours of the product. Contact a Truth Hardware representative for an actual sample and for information relating to the availability of these finishes on various hardware product lines.

* PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) - The PVD process bonds elements in a controlled environment that produces superior decorative finishes and corrosion performance compared to standard plating processes.