Harmony™ Lock & Latch System

Building on the popularity Truth received with their award-winning Fusion™ System, Truth has now embarked on the next generation combination lock and tilt latch system, the "Harmony" System. Aptly named as this system beautifully integrates the check rail lock and tilt latch together in a manner which creates a new level of installation ease. Manufacturers will appreciate the ease of installation as you just snap in the tilt latch, screw down the lock and you're good to go. The Harmony System even self-locates for you making its installation that much simpler!

The Harmony System has been designed to allow the homeowner to activate the lock and tilt latches from the same device. By simply manipulating the lever, and individual can both, lock, or unlock their window and activate the tilt latches to pivot the sash to allow for ease in cleaning.

Easy and intuitive - that's the Harmony System.

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