Maxim® Hinges

Maxim Casement Hinges vent large casement windows (up to 40" x 84") and provide 1.5" more washability than Truth's 10" casement hinges for easier cleaning from the inside. An adjustment feature built into the hinge allows for simple realignment. Maxim hinges have a notched track to clear corner welds in vinyl window frames. Available in assembled or knocked down. Designed to complement Maxim and Encore Operators and Locks.
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The Maxim System
Offering exceptional operators, locks and hinges, the innovative Maxim system exceeds maximum expectations at every turn. The three components are engineered together to address the unique needs of the larger casement window. Designed as an integrated system, Maxim ensures the most attractive, easiest operating and highest performing windows available while reducing manufacturing cost.
The Maxim® System
  1. Maxim Operators open and close with incredible ease. With a sealable housing to reduce air and water infiltration, these highly efficient Maxim operators come in a wide-range of models to fit a wide variety of window systems.
  2. Lock better results into place with Maxim Sash Locks. Available in multi and single-point, these attractive, smooth action locks complement Maxim's operators for enduring security.
  3. Maxim Hinges lead the industry in durable performance and flexibility with both washability and egress models available.
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