Jamb Jacks

Now you can install and adjust doors and windows quicker and easier than ever before. Truth Hardware's Jamb Jacks are a specially designed fastening system for mounting door and window frames into rough openings. Jamb Jacks replace shims used to square the window or door in the rough opening.

Faster Installation: Using the unique adjustable "screws" (Jamb Jacks), a single unit can be installed without shims in just minutes.

Simple Adjustment: Jamb Jacks provide quick and precise window and door adjustment at the time of installation and when future problems develop caused by foundation settlement. No more need to tear apart a door or window to reshim it. By simply turning the Jamb Jack screws, all necessary adjustments can be easily made while the unit is in place.

Versatile: Jamb Jacks are available for most wood door and window systems, including residential, light commercial or replacement applications with wood or masonry openings.

Technical Documentation: