When you are away from home and the weather looks threatening, relax. SkySentry® is on duty! Never again will you have to worry about whether or not you remembered to shut the skylight before you left home. Truthís SkySentry® Motorized Skylight System has all the "smarts" it takes to virtually run by itself. This motorized system incorporates micro-processor technology which opens the skylight to a variety of exciting features, and has a number of valuable options with which to enhance it.

RAIN SENSOR: Standard on all models is Truthís Rain Sensor. This moisture sensitive strip, is installed on the roof and is connected to the SkySentry Skylight Motor. When rain starts to fall, the drops bridge the Rain Sensorís electronic contacts sending a message to the motor to close the skylight.

REMOTE CONTROL: The optional infrared remote control unit consists of a receiver and a trimline hand-held transmitter. The receiver, which plugs into the motor can be activated by the transmitter (powered by a 9 volt battery) up to 50 ft. away.

WALL SWITCH: The rotary wall switch allows the user to simply dial in the amount of opening and lets the operator do the rest. Utilizes standard wall switch plates.

VERSATILE: The SkySentry Skylight Operator can be hooked up to a thermostat, an electric smoke detector, or even home control and security systems.

SYNCHRONOUS OPERATION: For monumental skylights, up to four SkySentry Skylight Motors can be placed on one skylight weighing up to 450 lbs. These motors are different from the standard SkySentry Motors and are identified with a different model number (see Ordering Information).

MULTIPLE SKYLIGHT CONTROL: Up to 20 motors can be connected on a single set of controls for simultaneous operation.

U.L LISTED AND C.S.A. APPROVEDAlso meets the requirements for class II installations.

ATTRACTIVE: The SkySentry Skylight Operator is streamlined, quiet and reliable. Available with snap-on covers in a variety of colors. When permanently installed (easy step-by-step installation), there are no visible wires or unsightly control boxes.

RELIABLE: No field adjustments are required. Opening and closing limits are automatically set and retained by the motor. Each motor is thoroughly tested before it leaves our factory to make sure Truthís high standard of quality is built into each unit.


The SkySentry motor system is warranted for five years against defects in materials and workmanship on all electronic and mechanical components.


1. Order: #42.53. This will include:

1 - base module; 1 - 24 volt motor assembly; 1 - 24 volt transformer;

1 - rain sensor; 1 - single-gang rotary wall switch & plate;

1 - skylight motor cover.

For Synchronous Motor Applications:

Order #42.81 (not compatible with #42.53).

  1. Specify color desired for snap-on cover.
  2. Optional Accessories: #10990 - Transmitter & Receiver (specify finish number), #10991 Receiver only (specify finish number), #10992 Transmitter only.



The SkySentry Skylight Motor must be installed by a qualified electrician.


Skylight operating hardware should be suited for roof windows, and skylight installation for wood, PVC, and metal market. Skylight Bases shall be provided with a special high quality gear reduction (high output torque) to meet required maximum sash weight of 140 lbs. (63.6 kg.), unit to be constructed of high pressure zinc diecast case with phosphate finish, electrostatically painted and oven baked. Each base is complete with steel chain, sprocket, and detachable sash bracket. The steel chain design must include interlocking solid and u-links riveted in such a manner as to result in no more than .375" (9.5 mm) - .625" (15.9 mm) deflection. The chain sprocket shall be hardened steel and an acetal chain guide must be provided. Base modules with a Motorized Drive shall be low profile in design. Unit constructed of high pressure zinc die cast base with a yellow chromate plating. Unit to be supplied with snap-on, decorative polycarbonate cover conveniently accessible to motor, mechanical, and electronic components. The mechanical closing pressure shall not exceed 70 lbs. Supply electronic circuitry for sensing rain and accommodation of remote control. Each unit shall be equipped with auxiliary contacts for additional thermostatic control, security, fire or smoke alarms, or computer control. Motor modules include motor, transformer, wall switch, rain sensor, and hardware pack. Remote control shall operate at a distance up to 50 ft. from skylight operator. Skylight motor needs to be U.L listed and C.S.A. approved. Skylight motor also needs to meet the requirements for Class II installations. Skylight hardware shall be manual series or "SkySentry®" motorized series as manufactured by Truth Hardware, Owatonna, MN.