Engineering Solutions

Truly Inspired Solutions

Inspiration is what happens when we combine engineering and design in the same company � giving you all of the advantages that come from a true engineered solutions provider. Truth Hardware has the resources to help you work on the profiles that you manufacture, and our knowledgeable engineers bring your ideas to life in ways that delight your customers and inspire loyalty. Experience the advantage that is Truth Hardware, and discover the difference of products designed with manufacturers in mind.

Let Us Create Your Engineered Solution

Industry Leading Design

Truth Hardware holds a unique position within the window and door marketplace. Not only have we built a strong reputation for being the leader in the manufacturer of quality operating hardware for windows and doors in North America - Truth also has the distinction of being the leader in the area of engineered solutions for our marketplace.

Truth Hardware is the one more and more companies turn to when they are designing a new window or door system - or simply trying to develop a solution to overcome a challenge or create a product that will help them stand out amongst their competitors. Truth has these capabilities where others don't and we've proven to be the most reliable and responsive business in the industry for quality engineered hardware solutions.

The next time you are designing a new system or searching for a solution to an important issue - turn to Truth Hardware, the company with the most highly trained and qualified group of design engineers and application specialists the industry has to offer... and soon you will see why businesses like yours believe Truth is better from every perspective.