AmesburyTruth™ Announces Partnership with Brookvent
By Donna Cockrell on July 5, 2017

EDINA, MN (June 26, 2017) – AmesburyTruth™, a premier manufacturer of window and door components for residential and commercial applications, is proud to announce their partnership with Brookvent – A UK based manufacturer of Trickle Ventilation Systems. Brookvent has been manufacturing high quality, premium trickle vents for 32 years. They offer a broad product portfolio and hold a solid market share in the UK.

“AmesburyTruth™ is focused on providing a complete range of engineered fenestration products to our market. In response to the increased demand our customers are seeing for Trickle Ventilation products, AmesburyTruth™ has partnered with Brookvent to bring their offering to the North American market. Brookvent has a strong reputation for quality, on time delivery and technical expertise in this product category. AmesburyTruth™ is looking forward to introducing the range of Brookvent Trickle Ventilation Systems to our customers and we are excited about this partnership”, stated Mike McCann, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The Trickle Ventilation System uses a small ventilation opening in the window frame to increase the circulation of fresh air. This increased air exchange can reduce humidity and moisture build up, all together providing a healthy and comfortable environment. This passive ventilation product has established itself throughout the European market, and AmesburyTruth is going to be able to now provide this product to the North American market.
Declan Gormley, Managing Director of Brookvent stated, “Brookvent has been supplying its range of Trickle Ventilation Systems to the European Market for over 30 years, continuously innovating to suit market demands. Together with AmesburyTruth™, we are excited to finally be introducing our range to the US and Canada, and fully intend to continue our constant strive for product innovation in partnership with such a well-respected and trusted name in window and door hardware”. 

The Brookvent Trickle Ventilation System is ready for US distribution. For more information about this product, please contact your AmesburyTruth Territory Sales Manager or visit our website

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