Renee Chesler Joins AmesburyTruth as Vice President of Sales - National Accounts
By Donna Cockrell on May 21, 2021

Press Release

Renee Chesler Joins AmesburyTruth as Vice President of Sales - National Accounts

Edina, MN.

AmesburyTruth is pleased to announce that Renee Chesler has joined the AmesburyTruth Executive Team as Vice President of Sales - National Accounts. In this new role, Renee will lead AmesburyTruth's initiatives to enhance their strong relationships and strategic partnerships with key national customers, as well as oversee the Strategic Account Directorship within the organization.

Renee is a veteran leader in the building materials industry with a demonstrated ability to create strategic vision to grow sales and improve business performance. She brings over twenty years of leadership experience to AmesburyTruth, working over nine years at Saint Gobain, many of which were as Vice President of National Accounts, five years at Andersen Windows Silverline in Sales and Business Development, and most recently at Glen-Gery Brick as Vice President of Sales.

Bob Burns, President of AmesburyTruth stated, "I am very pleased to have Renee join our AmesburyTruth team. Her depth and breadth of experience in the industry, along with her approach to sales, will complement our efforts to grow the business and help coach the organization through this unprecedented time in the industry. She will work to directly support our National Account partners in their strategies related to material
supply and engineered solutions".

"I look forward to leading sales initiatives that enhance the strong connection with our customers through innovative business processes, new product introductions, and industry leading partnerships", said Chesler of her new role.

About AmesburyTruth

AmesburyTruth, headquartered in Edina, Minn., has more than a century of industry expertise offering the broadest portfolio of products in the marketplace. With more than 2,800 employees and manufacturing plants located across the United States, Canada and Mexico, AmesburyTruth provides engineered hardware and sealing solutions to residential and commercial window and door manufacturers. More than 90 percent of the homes built in North America in the last 50 years have AmesburyTruth products in their fenestration solutions. AmesburyTruth is the North American division of Tyman plc.

AmesburyTruth Welcomes Michelle Nissen as Vice President of Product Management
By Donna Cockrell on February 6, 2019

AmesburyTruth™ Welcomes Michelle Nissen as Vice President of Product Management

Edina, MN., February 6, 2019

AmesburyTruth, a leading supplier of engineered components to the door and window industry, is pleased to welcome Michelle Nissen to the AmesburyTruth team. Her newly created role of Vice President of Product Management is pivotal in the continued advancement of our engineering and product teams.  Jeff Graby, AmesburyTruth CEO, noted, “Michelle's leadership and Six Sigma Black Belt certification will help facilitate the ongoing improvement to our innovation and product development processes.  As our organization continues to advance and optimize operations, it is critical that we continue to advance and improve our product portfolio.  Michelle is the individual who will help lead us to success”.

Michelle has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and product management with companies such as Eaton, GE Capital, and most recently Tennant Company. Throughout her career, she was recognized with increasing responsibilities.

Michelle completed her Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial & Operations Engineering at the University of Michigan, and has an MBA from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance.

About AmesburyTruth

AmesburyTruth, headquartered in Edina, Minn., with AmesburyTruth, Bilco and Ashland branded solutions has more than a century of industry expertise offering the broadest portfolio of products in the marketplace. With more than 3,000 employees and manufacturing plants located across the United States, Canada and Mexico, AmesburyTruth provides components to residential and commercial window and door manufacturers. More than 90 percent of the homes built in North America, in the last 50 years, have incorporated its products in their fenestration solution. AmesburyTruth is the North American division of Tyman plc, which is headquartered in London.    

Truth Hardware Recognizes National Window Safety Week
By Matt Kottke on April 7, 2013

The National Safety Council (NSC), and leading industry organizations have chosen the first full week of April every year as National Window Safety Week. This year's event runs from April 7-13, 2013 and coincides with that time of year when homeowners are beginning to open up their windows to let in the fresh spring air.

The NSC and their Window Safety Task Force work diligently throughout the year to promote greater awareness of window safety. Holding an event like this each spring is meant to serve as a reminder to parents and caretakers regarding the important safety tips individuals should adhere to in order to keep individuals, especially children, safe from accidental falls.

It is suggested that all household members should be taught to use windows and doors properly for escape and rescue purposes, and to identify all windows and doors that can be used for this purpose.

  • Keep furniture - or anything a child can use to climb - away from windows. Children may use such object to climb to an open window and potentially fall.
  • Remember that insect screens are intended to keep insects out. They are neither designed nor intended to keep children from falling out of windows and should not be expected to do so.
  • When installing window guards or fall prevention devices, be aware that the window guards or window fall prevention devices must have a release mechanism so they can be opened for escape in an emergency.
  • Select a device that complies with ASTM F2090, which provides minimum requirements for window fall prevention devices to ensure that they can be easily removed or opened when necessary.

Truth Hardware is very committed to this important cause and has engineered our SafeGard™ Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) for this very purpose. While there are numerous devices for sliding window systems, Truth's SafeGard is one of the first engineered and patented devices for a casement window system. This item has been tested and certified to ASTM F2090 the standard specification for window fall and prevention devices with emergency escape (egress) release mechanisms. View our product catalog to learn more about the SafeGard WOCD

Click here to learn more about Window Safety Week and the NSC. Additional resources include:


WOCDs Gaining Traction
By Aaron Mundt on March 27, 2013

Truth Hardware SafeGard WOCD

A sidebar article on page 80 of the March/April 2013 issue of Window & Door Magazine notes how WOCDs (window opening control devices) are gaining traction in the window hardware market. Aaron Mundt, Truth's Hinged Window Product Manager, agrees that the product line has gained popularity in the past year and mentions that Truth's SafeGard WOCD meets the ASTM F2090-10 specification. He anticipates the WOCD code requirements will become more widely enforced, resulting in the need to apply these devices at the factory, as well as retrofit in the field.

Designed to prevent children from falling out of windows, WOCDs limit how far the window can be opened during normal operation. They incorporate a release mechanism that allows the sash to be raised higher to meet emergency escape and rescue requirements. Safety features are becoming a greater concern for many homeowners and Mundt says that the awareness of, and desire for WOCDs is a good example of this increased interest.

Heavier Sash Demanding More from Window Hardware
By Matt Kottke on February 27, 2013

Truth Hardware's High Performance Casement Hinge

Two of Truth's product managers, Aaron Mundt and Connie Trom, were recently interviewed for Window and Door Magazine, where they were able to share their thoughts about industry trends regarding window size and hardware performance. One of the products alluded to in the article is Truth's High Performance Casement Hinge, and another is an integrated lock and latch system for sliding windows, such as our Harmony System.

Read the full article on

2013 Door Hardware Forecast
By David Johnson on February 1, 2013

Truth Hardware Sentry Bi-Fold Door Hardware System

The future of the door industry is an exciting one in that there are many new features and styles of hardware coming out in the marketplace designed to benefit the manufacturer, door jobber/pre-hangers and homeowners themselves. When we attended the Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) Convention in Louisville in October 2012, we had numerous discussions with millwork dealers and pre-hangers who are looking for better quality, multi-point door hardware systems. Many of the systems that have been on the market had design and reliability issues that caused a lot of installation and service issues. The market for multi-point hardware systems is increasing and these manufacturers cannot afford to jeopardize their own brand image with hardware systems that are unreliable nor have all the design features they require. The increase in multi-point door hardware is not confined to simply the French or terrace doors as we are also seeing a trend toward this robust and dependable hardware being considered for entry doors as well—security is one of the main drivers. The same is true for multi-point door hardware usage on different “levels” of doors. Where once these systems were just considered for upscale wood or wood-clad doors, there is an increasing desire to incorporate this type of hardware into a company’s standard door offering, no matter what the material make-up.

One interesting expansion of this hardware usage has been to operable sidelites. Homeowners are now seeing the advantages of the multi-point locking system on these companion doors and are searching for systems that will not only provide the security, but also offer an aesthetic look that is complementary to the system on the entry or patio door.

While multi-point hardware, with three to five locking points, has become the new benchmark for customers looking to enhance the security of the door as well as improve the overall integrity, there are certain elements that help distinguish one system from another. Homeowners are looking for styles they are accustomed to using, such as the preferred, North American designed deadbolt configuration where the locking mechanism is located above the handle making it easy to see and access. To help optimize the security of the door, shoot bolts at both the top and bottom of the door are becoming specified increasingly by manufacturers.

For sliding door systems, manufacturers are offering rollers with precision bearings designed to provide a smooth, effortless movement of the door panel. Engineered to carry the load of much heavier door panels due to triple-pane glass, these roller systems produce new opportunities for door manufacturers to extend their product offering.

While stainless steel hardware is now considered more of a standard than an option for the purpose of optimizing the corrosion resistance of the hardware, there are also certain decorative finishes which have risen to the top of people’s lists. Brushed finishes in chrome and nickel are more popular than they once were and those that resemble an oil-rubbed bronze look remain extremely sought after.

(This article was originally printed in the January/February 2013 issue of Door & Window Market Magazine)

ICC Supports Window Opening Control Devices that comply with ASTMF2090
By Matt Kottke on June 21, 2012

Truth Hardware SafeGard Casement Window Opening Control Device (WOCD)

In a recent story found in the June 2012 issue of Door & Window Manufacturer (DWM) Magazine, it was reported that the International Code Council (ICC) approved a change stating that window opening control devices complying with ASTM F2090 shall be installed where an existing window is replaced. This change, referenced as G 225-12 proposed that, "in all windows in group R-2 or R-3 buildings containing dwelling units, window opening control devices (WOCD) complying with ASTM F2090 shall be installed where an existing window is replaced, according to section 3048.1".

It should be noted that Truth Hardware's new SafeGard Window Opening Control Device has been tested and certified to ASTM F2090-10 which is the standard specification for Window Fall Prevention Devices with Emergency Escape (Egress) Release Mechanisms.