ISO Certification

Truth's Owatonna facilities have Quality Management Systems registered to ISO 9001:2008. These sites were originally registered November 4th, 1994. These sites have a certificate of registration issued by QMI, A division of CSA Group. The certificate number is CERT-0034691. Registration number is CA-007146, 010910. These facilities were the first in our industry to be registered to ISO 9001. The benefits for customers include continuous improvement, service and international trade to name just a few. With ISO 9001:2008 the focus remains clearly where it should be - on customer needs.

Continuous Improvement

Truth Hardware's quality policy is to "satisfy the customer by always providing the best products and services, right the first time, on time, through continuous improvement". This commitment to continuous improvement is supported by management and involves employees at all levels of the organization.

Quality Objectives

Quality objectives are established by management to emphasize organizational priorities and encourage improvements to product and process performance. Some of the objectives include:

Periodic updates are made to these objectives to reflect increased expectations.

Quality Improvement Teams

Quality Improvement Teams are composed of cross-functional employees that have an interest in the system being improved and can contribute to the effort. These teams are formed by a Quality Improvement Council that evaluates the effectiveness of the quality management system and identifies areas where improvements are needed. The Quality Improvement Team then carries out the project and reports progress back to the Quality Improvement Council.

"CIP" (Continuous Improvement Process) Program

A CIP program is in place to promote employee involvement in continuous improvement activities. Employees or teams submit ideas that will make their area better and/or safer, and then take the initiative to request approval and implement the idea. Awards are distributed at set intervals throughout the year to employees who participate in the program.