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CASEMENT TRADITIONAL STYLE 15 AWNING DYAD OPERATOR Truth’s traditional style Dyad Operator features a peak operating torque approximately 28 % lower than the # 15 Series Single Arm Operators , ( depending on mounting locations ) . Profile changes will not be necessary if you are currently using Trut
AWNING TRADITIONAL STYLE 15 SINGLE ARM AWNING OPERATOR STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE : Designed for narrow awning windows , Truth’s 15 Series traditional style Single Arm Awning Operator brings with it all of the style and performance characteristics of the 15 series traditional style operators . To help m
CASEMENT SINGLE ARM 23 OPERATOR ( FACE - MOUNT ) Contemporary styling of Truth’s face mounted Single Arm Operator complements the overall window design . Created for use with Truth’s 14 Series Concealed Casement Hinges or 29 Series Butt Hinges . The Single Arm Operator provides arm movement for 90º
CASEMENT DYAD 23 AWNING OPERATOR This unique face - mounted operator provides smooth , continuous control of casement and single vent awning windows . The dyad , or two - linked design , provides smooth operation of windows with both types of Truth Concealed Casement Hinges ( Product lines # 14 & #
AWNING TELESCOPING 12 PUSH BAR OPERATORS Telescoping Push Bar Operators are designed for residential use as a means of opening and closing sashes with fixed screens . They are most commonly used for holding open outward - projected windows which are screened from the inside . The telescoping arm pro
AWNING PIVOT SHOE 22 OPERATOR Designed for face - mount applications on single vent awning windows , this operator’s unique pivot shoe design allows approximately 10 " of opening . The double arm design also helps achieve corner pull - in and sash stability of ventilator . Acetal pivot shoes slide s
AWNING SCISSORS ARM 22 OPERATOR For the window design that requires a face - mounted operator , Truth has developed a special version of our Awning Roto Gear Operator that incorporates the case from our 22 Series Operators with the functional capabilities of the 11 Series Awning Roto Gear Operator .
AWNING AWNING OPERATOR 11 Available in three different linkage configurations to address corner pull - in , this operator is designed to provide positive control of the sash in any position . A simple detach feature disengages the operator from the sash for quick window removal . An optional torsion
AWNING LEVER 10 OPERATOR Smooth , efficient action of the famous Truth Lever Operator opens and closes awning windows quickly and easily . Features include the ability to hold a window open in any of five positions , and a simple release clip for quick sash detachment . 180º lever handle movement op
MANUAL SKYLIGHT SKYLIGHT 42 OPERATOR SYSTEM Add Value To Your Operable Skylight The Truth Skylight Operator System offers you the flexibility the marketplace demands , the quality your windows deserve , easy factory or field installation and a means to keep your skylight hardware inventories both co
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