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® CASEMENT MIRAGE CONCEALED 16 AWNING MULTI - POINT LOCKING SYSTEM ( Tie Bar in Jamb version ) Expanding our product offering in the PRODUCT APPLICATION line of Multi - Point Locking Systems , ASSISTANCE Truth introduces - the Mirage ® If you are designing a new window Concealed Multi - Point Lockin
® SENTRY 2000 CASEMENT 16 AWNING MOTORIZED SASH LOCK The world of window automation is about to take another leap forward , as Truth is proud to introduce the Sentry 2000 ® Motorized Sash Lock . This product enhances the window automation capabilities of Truth’s revolutionary Sentry 2000 ® Motorized
CASEMENT LOCKING HANDLE 24 AWNING Manufacturers and Authorized Designed to compliment Truth’s Distributors . Refer to Truth’s Terms window operators . The vertical and Conditions for further details . movement of these handles lock and unlock the sash . Face - mounted and MATERIAL : High pressure zi
® CASEMENT MAXIM MULTI - POINT & 24 AWNING SINGLE POINT LOCKING SYSTEMS Complementing the already popular CONSUMER ADVANTAGES Maxim ® Operator & Hinge System , • Secure , solid detent lets you “ feel ” the new Maxim ® Locking System when the Maxim System is locked . proves to be the most attractive
133955 TEMPO LOCKS 17_41 - 43 Operators ( C4 ) 7 / 25 / 13 1 : 21 PM Page 1 CASEMENT TEMPO LOCKS 15 AWNING The new Tempo Multipoint Locking System for commercial aluminum windows , proves to be the most attractive , easiest operating , highest performing , best value in Commercial casement and awnin
™ CASEMENT ENCORE MULTI - POINT AWNING LOCKING SYSTEM • Stainless steel components for Providing trouble free operation with coastal applications are also available . fully concealed locking and sequential engagement the Encore Multi - Point • Convert from Truth’s Mirage ™ Lock Locking System is the
CASEMENT MULTI - POINT 24 LOCKING SYSTEM STYLISH & EFFICIENT WEATHER - TIGHT With its sleek , low - profile design , A special O - ring around the base is an homeowners will love the fact that in added feature Truth has included to either the locked or unlocked position ensure that the assembly is c
™ AWNING TRIMLINE 25 CAM HANDLE LOCKS Truth cam handle locks are designed to provide long and trouble - free service . Two - piece strike design includes a black polyester insert to provide a smooth operation and reduce wear . Inserts are available in various heights to assure tight lock - up of ven
CASEMENT PUSH OUT HARDWARE 15 When your project requires hardware that looks like casement window from the turn of the century , turn to Truth Hardware for our new line of hardware for push - out windows which combines the aesthetic characteristics from yesteryear with the performance requirements o
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